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For 17 years... One of the longest running studios in Mid-Michigan....For a reason!  The "Singer Songwriter's" Studio  EXPERIENCE + INCREDIBLE EQUIPMENT = AWESOME RECORDING!

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When I recorded my first album with David in his studio (GSS) I felt at ease and safe to explore a variety of musical ideas. He was able to present me with beautiful instrumental arrangements that I hadn't previously considered. I would recommend recording with David and would record with him again.  - Amanda Suckow


Working with David at Guitar Sound Studio was my first experience recording my music. This being said, his knowledge and guidance made me very comfortable and satisfied inside the studio. Having a well-rounded background, with production, and mixing and mastering is always a plus.  However, I feel his greatest characteristic is being able to convey your vision and listen wholeheartedly to his clients.   - Kenny Lee Young


If a real smooth sound is what you desire, you got it at Guitar Sound Studio. David stays true to the intimacy of the ear and works towards the best sounds, always. I rap and do work with David, but once I brought in some acoustic guitar and it was excellent to see skills in both areas. David has a keen sense for music. Period. Guitar Sound Studio is an easy environment to get along in, and David makes it that much easier, all the while giving you full creativity on a project – which is what every artist longs for.  You can’t go wrong at Guitar Sound Studio. I’d call for an appointment if I were you. - Sixes-C


All I can say is “WOW”!  The recordings my husband Steve and I have been doing at Guitar Sound Studio have been THE BEST we have done in our 25 years of music -making!    Nothing compares to the professional, quality sound that David Malinich can bring out of our singing/playing efforts.  We are thrilled to be getting air-time at radio stations with our Guitar Sound Studio projects and the quality stands beside the selections of well - known recording artists that are played regularly.


We totally enjoy our time in the studio.  David is a talented musician and technician and his advice and work on each aspect of a project will make it the best it can be.  He is a pleasure to work with as well as being a business man of integrity - something not easily found in Corporate America today.  Don’t let the size of Coleman Michigan fool you - the quality found in doing business with this studio will make you proud of whatever projects you do there - and I do mean projects, plural. You will want to return again and again to work with David at Guitar Sound Studio. If you’re searching for a place to record - look no further - you ‘ve found exactly what you need here at Guitar Sound Studio.


Steve and Karen Bouverette - Elkton, Michigan


I have completed the recording of three full length CDs (MAKIN’ STUFF UP, PRESENTS OF MIND, and MELODIES, MELLOW DAYS) at Guitar Sound Studio.  Dave Malinich has been a great person to work with on my projects for several reasons.  First, because most of the material for my CDs has been original, Dave has offered lots of very useful suggestions on how the songs can be arranged, what instrumentation can be used to make them sound fresh and interesting and recording methods that can be employed that suit my vision of the song.  Second, because I play only the saxophone, Dave’s abilities as a guitar, bass and keyboard player and his skill with the most current recording technology have really simplified the process of getting the accompaniments recorded:  I didn’t have to shop around for musicians since Dave was able to cover everything I needed by himself.  He has consistently provided me with high quality and creative music that have provided a solid foundation for my songs.   His input has made the recording of my songs a pleasant experience and the inclusion of tasteful enhancements have definitely helped me create better music.


John Anderson - Midland, Michigan



We in the band Switch were very impressed with the experience we had at Guitar Sound Studio.   David is a very dedicated and helpful guy to have in your corner.   The time we spent completing our four song demo with him was priceless and we look forward to coming back to finish our complete record.   Thanks David!    


From Aarin, Derik, Shawn and Chris (Switch) - Michigan



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