Preventing Basement Leaks- Tips from Professional Builders

Basement leaks are common structural faults experienced in many homes today. Leakages can occur along the walls and joints or from underground. Without immediate and proper solutions, basement leaks can impact severe water damage to the foundation and home. The following are some of the best tips on how to prevent basement leaks. 

Waterproof the Exterior Walls 

Applying water-proofing to the external walls of the foundation will help to prevent cracks that may develop after construction. 

Place Plastic under the Concrete Slab 

Commonly known as visqueen, placing plastic sheets under the concrete slab will ensure that moisture does not seep into the foundation. 

Install a Drainage Board / Insulation on the Exterior Basement Walls 

An insulation or drainage board serves two purposes. First, it helps with preventing ground-water from getting trapped against the foundation walls. Besides, it also offers R-value to concrete and block foundation walls. 

Silicone the Joints of the Basement Walls 

If your basement is built with concrete, applying silicone along the joints will prevent gas from seeping into the floors from underground. 

Install Internal and External Drain Tiles Linked with Bleeders 

Bleeders are pipes that pass across the footing, connecting the internal and external drains. The benefit of having a bleeder is that it will allow water to bypass any obstructed pipes, thereby preventing water damage to the basement. 

Pass a Diagonal Corrugated Pipe under the Basement Floor 

This option is only suitable for larger basement foundations. Running a diagonal corrugated pipe under the floor, linked to the sump crock will help to prevent leaks that occur whenever the water table rises. The pipe will collect the water under the basement and allow it to flow into the sump crock. 

Do not wait until your basement starts to leak to begin looking for ways on how to mitigate the issues. The tips discussed above can help you to prevent the problems and preserve the integrity of your home over time.